Dr. Nicki's Journey to Natural Medicine

A lover of health and wellness my whole life, I worked as both a nutritionist and a personal trainer before entering Naturopathic medical school. Having lived in Jackson Hole, WY and worked as a river guide for many years, I was an avid athlete and outdoors woman. After finishing the strenuous Naturopathic Medical and Chinese Medicine programs concurrently, I hit a wall from which I seemingly could not recover.

During my first year in practice, I became very ill. Eventually, I had to stop practicing altogether and found myself not only unable to finish a simple run, but unable to get off the couch or leave my house all together. I developed total body pain, unbearable migraines, chronic digestive issues, severe memory and cognitive impairment and debilitating fatigue.

I embarked on what would become a five year healing journey to try and uncover what was wrong with me and find my way bAck to health.

Eventually, I diagnosed myself with both Lyme disease and mold illness. I met a Shaman who took me in and cared for me, teaching me Shamanic ways and opening me up to a whole new way of being in the world.  I met a Native American medicine woman who showed me the old ways, with sweat lodges and vision quests.  I became a different person, and I was introduced to a whole new world.

I discovered that we actually exist as a lot more than just our physical minds and bodies. I started to understand how we exist on a quantum level, that we are, in fact, energy, and that illness was simply a misalignment of all the energetic planes upon which we exist. 

I completely dismantled myself energetically, and put myself back together again. 

I knew that if I only focused on the physical, I would get nowhere, as the energetics were continuing to recreate what I was trying so desperately to fix on the physical plane alone. Eventually, I began to recover. But I still needed to learn how to support my physical body. I discovered the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, and I finally had the tools I needed to put it all together. Once I started feeling better, I took a position as a resident in his clinic in Seattle, the Sophia Health Institute. Planning on doing this for only 1 year, I ended up working along side him for almost four years before leaving to start my own practice.

Eventually the mountains called me home.  I moved to Boulder, Colorado in hopes of bringing all that I have learned from my own healing journey, and from the hundreds of patients I have worked with from all over the world, to this beautiful and amazingly healing area. It is my greatest joy that I now get to help others who are going through what I went through, and watch as they not only get their lives back, but transform themselves to places they never would have imagined.