Working with Dr. Nicki is like nothing I have ever experienced before. She is the smartest and most caring doctor I have ever worked with. Whenever we meet, I always leave feeling like I have made one step forward for my health. After working with her for a short time, I have made very significant improvements in my overall well being. Whatever course of action we take, she always has a backup plan; and if something she recommends doesn’t work right for my body, there is always something else to try. She does not give up until she finds something that helps, and, to me, this is a very important quality in a doctor. Along with her vast knowledge and expertise on the workings of the human body, she also helps heal emotional burdens that, she explains, sometimes manifest as physical symptoms. Her wisdom and guidance has helped me recognize and implement many of the valuable lessons I have learned through the struggles of my illness. Dr. Nicki has a contagious positivity that has been not only a sense of comfort, but a tool that has helped me embrace my healing journey. I am so grateful for her.
— C.M.
Dr Nicki is simply the best.

She is a true healer. She can identify the issue and make recommendations that actually make a difference! After years of searching, trying, re-trying and more searching, we finally found someone to help my girl! Dr Nicki has taught her how to be in charge of her own health and I have seen an incredible shift in how powerful my daughter feels about her future. We are forever grateful.
— J.M.
Dr. Nicki is an exceptional doctor that is brilliant in all aspects of health. I have never met such an educated, experienced, and well-rounded doctor that brings her expertise to help patients attain emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. I feel truly grateful to have such a wise intuitive healer guiding me. She is humble, compassionate, understanding, an excellent teacher, and a good listener. She has supported me spiritually and emotionally and given me the courage to trust my own intuition on my healing journey. There are no words to express the impact that Dr. Nicki has had on my life. If only the world had more doctors like her.
— A.A.
Dr. Nicki is an extremely gifted healer that genuinely and deeply cares. She empowers her clients to make the most of themselves, their lives and be their own best medicine. She puts the well-being of the client above anything else!

Dr. Nicki helps guide you to your greatest, most powerful self and then will teach you how to utilize your strengths to overcome emotional obstacles, transcend physical illness, and regain your purpose in life. She will help transform your life to vitality and fulfillment despite what challenges exist.
— K.P.
A few years ago, while incredibly sick, and increasingly losing hope I came into Dr. Nicki’s care through her work with Dr. Klinghardt. It didn’t take long before I realized there was something different about her approach to my case, even when compared to her holistic-driven colleagues. Of course she’s intelligent, well-read and studied, and an continuous learner with an open mind. But that’s not what separates her in this field. There’s an X factor to every line of work. I believe Dr. Nicki’s is compassion, care, and fervor. Now, this isn’t some one-sided, one-doctor-fits-all testimonial. Instead, I’d merely like to vouch for Dr. Nicki in this way: She’ll be there for you, and see you through your journey. She will care about your health, and fight for you while you learn to fight for yourself. She’ll listen to you, and, together, you’ll creep closer to health — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
— K.S.
Dr. Giandomenico’s work is integrative in the truest sense of the word. I have never seen a practitioner marry so many varying modalities in such a seamless a way. As an integrative psychotherapist, I have worked with many naturopathic doctors over the years, and Dr. Giandomenico’s work is what I have been searching for. Her use of naturopathy, kinesiology and energy work together can access deep pockets within people that have been suffering from chronic illness for a lifetime. Her work creates truly lasting health in her patients. Her methods uncover the true origin of the issue, as opposed to treating symptom for years to no avail. If you are willing to face the true depth of what is making you ill, she is the doctor for you.
— A.A.