How Wind River Natural Medicine Got Its Name

Those of you that are familiar with the Wind River mountain range in Northeastern Wyoming know this is an incredibly spiritual and healing place. When I was a dogsledding guide in the Absaroka mountains we would run dogs through the mouth of the river valley. No matter the weather or time of day, you could always feel the wind blowing upstream.  Sometimes it was fierce and strong and felt as if it would freeze your face off before too long, and others it was a gentle breeze. 

But it was always blowing.

It was a powerful force and it would blow over you as if to wash away all your fears and obstacles. It welcomed me. I always felt honored to be graced by such a gift, in that sacred land, a place few ever get to experience. 

Wind River Natural Medicine is named after this incredibly healing place. Like the calling of the wind in the Wind River valley, this medicine too, is an awakening. An awakening of you to yourself, bringing you back to your own internal power, the power and wisdom of your soul.  

Healing is a sacred journey of awakening.